Fire extinguisher cabinet


Fire is a very dangerous phenomenon and causes countless disastrous consequences. To fight it, it is essential to be equipped with at least one fire equipment such as a fire extinguisher. This extinguishing tool makes it possible, in fact, to fight the beginning of a fire and to control it in time thanks to their fire-fighting products which act on a fire by opposing the reaction of its combustion. At present, to ensure the proper functioning of this device, it needs to be protected by a fire extinguisher protection cabinet.


It is obvious that this fire extinguisher accessory remains important to protect the tool from dust or moisture and shocks. In fact, this case is made up of two interlocking parts and is usually made of polyethylene or metal according to the customer’s choice. Its size varies according to the model and also the brand of the device to be protected.

Also, this fire extinguisher cabinet is essential so that the appliance can resist all adverse factors and remain in the best possible conditions. For maximum protection, it is often equipped with a key lock. This option also makes maintenance easier.

As far as possible, it is recommended to have a fire extinguisher box in an easily accessible place so that the extinguisher is available as soon as possible during a disaster. However, this accessory is assigned to different types of extinguishers, such as carbon dioxide or powder. In addition, it varies according to its quantity, such as 2 kg or 5 kg.


In general, a fire extinguisher is a device used to extinguish a fire. Then, and it would have been used at any time and in any place where a fire occurs. For this great utility, it must be cared for and maintained regularly. To ensure its functionality, its user must protect it against all corrosive agents such as chemicals, hydrocarbons and many others. This box is also designed to cope with temperature variations and mechanical shocks.
So, the installation of a fire extinguisher protection box is very useful. Anyone can have one to keep their extinguisher in perfect condition; note that these external factors can damage the unit. Also, it is recommended and even mandatory in buildings, schools, public buildings, etc..

Moreover, the extinguisher is also inaccessible to children, which is why this box must be locked and placed in a place at height so that children cannot reach it. Moreover, legislation on the use and maintenance of a fire extinguisher is already regulated. It then sets out the measures and methods of protection to ensure the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Therefore, this fire extinguisher protection box is a basic accessory in the assistance of the equipment to ensure its effectiveness during a fire.


The acquisition of the extinguisher cabinet is advantageous to arrange its extinguishing tool, whatever its size. Like its specificities, it is made from a laminated metal with a polycarbonate top, very resistant to external shocks. Also, this fire extinguisher cover is very ideal by its key system for a better protection.

In general, it is 640 mm long, 270 mm wide and 210 mm high. At the time of purchase, a key identical to all RAM models is offered for easy maintenance operations. DesignFeu offers the sale of fire extinguisher cabinet with good value for money.

A standard size fire extinguisher protection box is available. All types of extinguishers can be stored in it, except for the wheeled models and those running on CO2 for a reason that they require a bit of a large case. It can be used quickly and easily in the event of a fire.


You can find two types of ABS enclosures are available, such as ABS6 and ABS9. All of these models are designed to easily store a variety of fire extinguishers, from the 6 kg or 9 kg powder models, to the 6 L water spray models, to the 2 kg and 5 kg CO2 models.

These various types of fire extinguisher protection boxes are of good quality and highly watertight. Like the other boxes, it is made of rolled metal, to protect its contents in an optimal way. Concerning its front plane, it is made of polycarbonate to allow easy and quick access to the extinguisher, which is an advantage, especially in an emergency situation.


Apart from these ABS fire extinguisher boxes and the standard one, the metal fire extinguisher cabinet are very interesting. They are designed for 6kg and 6l, or 9kg and 9l extinguishers and 2kg CO2 extinguishers. These models are equipped with a magnetic door that can be open very fast to obtain the fire extinguisher.

It is, in fact, made steel or aluminium, so it is very strong and resistant to protect the fire extinguishers indoors.

Moreover, it is a very technical, high industrial quality cabinet that is designed to accommodate the largest models of fire extinguishing equipment.