A fire is a devastating phenomenon if it is not brought under control quickly enough. The incident always involves considerable material damage and loss of life. To this extent, when a flame outbreak occurs, it is vital to act as quickly as possible. An outbreak of fire can quickly be contained by effective extinguishing means, such as fire blankets and especially fire extinguishers. As far as fire prevention is concerned, the first reflex of witnesses is not to alert the fire brigade, but to extinguish the outbreak of flames that has just formed. With a view to achieving this, fire safety equipment is becoming more widespread. Legislation obliges the presence of this equipment in almost all places at risk. For this reason, private individuals and companies are equipping their premises with fire prevention devices such as fire extinguishing cover to protect the fire extinguishing equipment.

Generally speaking, this is a protection use in correlation with the extinguisher. The extinguisher is a device whose mechanism consists of the spraying of an extinguishing substance on a flame source. In general, it consists of a metal bottle to store the substance, a handle with a safety valve and a flexible hose for the direction of the jet. At present, it is undoubtedly the most widespread and widely used fire extinguishing equipment in the world.

Several products can be used as an extinguishing substance or extinguishing agent. These are mainly water spray with or without additives, carbon dioxide (CO2), various types of powder and inert gases. Some people also talk about foam models, but this is often the result of combining water with an emulsifier. Each extinguishing agent has specific properties that determine its effectiveness or inaction on a fire of a given class. For this reason, the use of certain extinguishing substances is strongly discouraged on a type of fire in which they have no influence. As far as fire prevention is concerned, the fire extinguisher cover is a compartment with only 2 functions. Firstly, it can be a device to ensure the protection of the extinguisher outside the periods of use. Secondly, the cabinet integrate the ugly fire extinguisher to the decoration. You can find beautiful and design fire extinguisher cabinet and cover at DesignFeu website.


Fire blankets and fire extinguishers are the most common fire-fighting equipment. Unlike the extinguisher, the blanket is not a device. It is simply a tarpaulin designed with a textile that can withstand a very high intensity of heat; the blanket may not catch fire even in contact with temperatures close to 1000°C. Overall, this textile is made of silicone-coated fibreglass. Most often, the blanket is 1x1m in size to facilitate handling. It is not to be confused with a survival blanket.

The extinguishing substance spray device is often placed in a fire extinguishing cabinet with a fire blanket. In a way, the compartment is used to contain all the emergency equipment. This arrangement makes it possible to protect the latter from all external aggressions capable of impairing their performance. Depending on the mass of the device, a distinction is made between portable, mobile and fixed extinguishers. Of these 3 varieties, the portable model is the most fragile and requires the maximum protection. For a mass between 2 and 5kg, it is the extinguisher normally placed in the fire emergency equipment cabinet.

A fall or a shock can without any problem affect the operation of the device. The use of the cabinet prevents this kind of accident. The fire protection product to be sprayed is contained in a cylindrical metal tank. This component may be subject to rust if the instrument is exposed to ambient humidity for too long.

The rust phenomenon can perfectly wear out the resistance of the bottle, in the worst case on its seal. The pressure in the tank may decrease, which reduces the vaporization effect that is essential in the mechanism of the instrument. All in all, the fire-extinguishing cabinet is a protective compartment to guarantee the life of the extinguishing equipment.